JS in 2019: modern SEO for modern users

JavaScript, its use on websites, and its support by search engines have undergone major improvements since we first realized that JS could be problematic for Google. We explore with Mike King the new possibilities to reconcile interactive, professional websites and search engine crawl technologies in 2019.

This OnCrawl webinar is part of the SEO in Orbit series, the first ever webinar series sending SEO into space!

Aired on: May 2nd, 2019

Presenting Michael King – [01:10]
JavaScript: the big picture – [03:06]
How user agents see pages – [04:33]
JavaScript for increased speed on interactive pages – [06:14]
JavaScript and UX – [07:04]
Computational expense – [09:00]
Disparity between rendered and non-rendered content versions – [11:26]
Native vs 3rd party server-side rendering – [13:25]
Choosing a framework – [15:16]
– Suitability for the type of problems you’re trying to solve – [15:24]
– Angular vs React vs new frameworks – [15:36]
– Advantages of pushing data from central source through an API – [18:06]
Developers and SEO awareness – [19:49]
– Evangelizing SEO for developers – [21:11]
– Importance of understanding coding as an SEO – [22:42]
– Qualities of good developers that are essential for great SEOs – [23:39]
Prioritizing content vs payload – [24:20]
Mike King’s rel prerender trick – [25:16]
Googlebot User Agents – [27:36]
Keys to increasing site speed – [28:48]
Dealing with the trailing slash/non-trailing slash problem in React – [30:17]
Pre- or Post-DOM HTML – [30:51]

Watch the voyage to space: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxmpeWejIBs

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